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    New Release - Round Headphone Earpads


    Brainwavz introduce five new products to our range of replacement headphone earpads. Our original oval earpads are some of the most successful and popular on the market today and we have had many requests to make them in a round format.

    The new range includes three of our most popular colours, Dark Red, Black and White, as well as our three core materials of Protein PU Leather, Sheepskin and Velour, and come in a standard sizing to fit many of the headphones currently on the market.

    Brainwavz Round Replacement Earpads are available now, direct from Brainwavz webstore.

    All our Brainwavz Round Headphone Earpads use high grade memory foam padding, providing the new levels of comfort as it moulds gently to the shape the listeners head, take them off and the foam expands to its original shape with no distortion.

    Something for Everyone

    Our latest round headphone earpads are available in three classic materials and a selection of our most popular colours:

    • SHEEPSKIN - Black : $39.99
    • VELOUR - Black : $24.50
    • PU LEATHER - Black : $24.50
    • PU LEATHER - White: $24.50
    • PU LEATHER - Dark Red : $24.50


    The reviews are coming in and people are loving our latest releases. Read HiFiChris review of the B150 @ Headfi.

    Canadians can now get their own pair of B100 or B150 while supplies last at a special discounted price.

    • The Brainwavz B100 are tuned to produce a well-rounded sound, focusing on reproducing clear vocals with a controlled bass. Special Price: $69.95 CAD - Normal price: $ 80 CAD. Get one today.
    • The Brainwavz B150 are tuned to produce a balanced sound signature, with clear and detailed treble, lush mids and a gentle bass. Special Price: $139.95 CAD - Normal price: $145 CAD. Get one today.